On 26 June 2014, One Stop Wholesaler proudly hosted a Live Cooking Demonstration featuring the latest Rational Combi Oven.

This eagerly awaited event was held in One Stop Wholesaler’s in-store fully working demonstration commercial kitchen and featured professional Rational Chef Aaron Martini flown in from Melbourne.

Chefs and clients from a variety of different business including restaurants, café’s, nursing homes, schools, wineries, clubs and pubs were in attendance and able to see many of the Rational Self Cooking Centre Oven latest features in action.

As an added bonus, guests got to enjoy the spoils of Aaron’s efforts and enjoyed sampling delicious steak, pork belly, pizza, steamed vegetables, gnocchi, and hamburgers which were all prepared live during the event.

General Manager John Dimasi was delighted with the result and commented “We are seeing a growing trend throughout our clients towards a need for more efficient and consistent quality cooking. They key questions on chefs’ minds at the moment are how can they get more output in their kitchens but with less labour and less time. The features and simplicity of the Rational Combi Oven make it the ideal piece of kitchen equipment to help achieve this purpose.”

As an official Rational “Super Dealer”, One Stop Wholesaler is able to offer great prices and valuable support across the entire Rational range of Combi ovens and accessories. To discuss how the Rational Combi oven can add value to your kitchen, feel free to call us on 1300 131 700.

For more pictures of the event, click here to visit our Facebook page.