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At One Stop Wholesaler our large range of commercial kitchen equipment includes deep fryers to suit everything from the smallest to the busiest of kitchens.

To keep the quality and efficiency of your frying at its best, we proudly sell the Vito oil filtration machines. Unlike many other products, Vito Oil Filtration Machines simply cleanse the oil in the vat and at cooking temperature by simply inserting the filter into your hot vat for just a few minutes. Not only will they save you valuable time because you won't need to remove the oil to filter it, but you will also save money because you get longer lasting oil which means you spend less on purchasing and also on storage and disposal. Above all, keeping your oil clean will give your customers better tasting and healthier deep fried foods.

Take a look at One Stop Wholesaler's range of Vito Oil Filtration units which will revolutionise the way you manage oil in your kitchen.