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When it comes to great quality cleaning equipment, you really can't go past the range on offer by Oates Australia.

Here at One Stop Wholesaler, we supply a wide range of Oates cleaning equipment which will help make your cleaning task a breeze. Our range includes brushes, mops and mop buckets, toilet sets, brooms, scrapers, polish pads, griddle pads, gloves, wipes, dustpan sets, oven mits, scissor trolleys and janitors carts. Our range also includes the ever popular dust control mops and frames which make cleaning concrete floors a breeze.

Suitable for commercial grade applications, Oates products are made from durable plastics and materials and feature clever design features to help you save both time and cleaning application effort. This means they will last longer than other brand and minimise your replacement costs and inconvenience.

Shop One Stop Wholesaler's range of Oates cleaning products online or contact us on 1300 131 700. We also offer bulk deals for cleaning contractors Australia wide.