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When it comes to the precision slicing of cold meats, a quality slicer is an essental piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen or deli.At One Stop Wholesaler, we proudly sell the Noaw brand of commercial grade meat sliders.

Made in Italy for over 40 years, Noaw manual and automatic graviety fed slicers combine quality Italian workmanship with clever Italian engineering and design. A breeze to use and loaded with safety features, Noaw slicers will provide you with perfectly sliced meats that look great with a minimum of mess and effort.

One Stop Wholesaler's range of Noaw slicers include Noaw automatic, manual, gravity fed, gear driven meat slicers. It also features the ever popular heritage flywheeel slicer which is a stunning show piece slicer for a deli or restaurant.

For helpful and free advice selecting your next Noas slicer, request a quote from One Stop Wholesaler or call us on 1300 131 7000 today.