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An essential piece of catering equipment for any commercial kitchen is a quality microwave. Whether used for defrosting, warming, or super fast cooking, the range of applications for a good microwave are endless.

Amongst our range of commercial microwaves, we reccomend the Menumaster series of commercial grade microwaves. Featuring speedy cooking times and even heat distribution, Menumaster microwaves are used throughout the world and have earned a solid reputation for their ability to withstand the most demanding of commercial kitchens.

Menumaster offer an unmatched range of microwaves that will cater from the busiest of industrial applications through to the smallest of cafes. At One Stop our range includes the full range of heavy, medium and light duty microwaves. In addition we also have the famous Menumaster combination ovens combining convection and infra-red technology giving you fast cookin speedand even heat distribution.

For a great deal and free advice on selecting a Menumaster microwave wherever you are in Australia, request a quote from One Stop Wholesaler or call us today on 1300 131 700.