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At One Stop Wholesaler, we take great pride in our wide range of commercial kitchen equipment that we offer Australia wide. One of most popular brands is the Lincoln range of commercial ovens.

Made in the US, Lincoln commercial grade impinger ovens use air impingement techology incorporating high velocity cooking methods to delivery faster, more consistent and even baking, resuling in food that has no burned bottoms, under cooked middles or over browned tops. Impingement technology has been a game changer for the food service industry in Australia helping busy kitchens to produce quality and consistently cooked foods with a minimum of cook time and equipment required.

Lincoln impinger cookers offer you a long list of benefits including; faster cook times than conventionalovens; uniform cooking; low noise output; reduced labour costs as no need to tend food once on the conveyor belt; increased productivity with the ability to cook more food at once; easy of operation; low maintenance; and flexibility with models available in electric, Natural or LP gas.

At One Stop Wholesaler, we sell the full range of Lincoln hospitality equipment ranging from small freestanding analogue impinger ovens through to multi stacked digital controlled units. For Australia's best deals on a Lincoln impinger oven, shop our range online or call us today on 1300 131 700.