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At One Stop Wholesaler, we understand how important a powerful and efficient microwave can be to a busy cafe or restaurant kitchen. For this reason, our buying team have sourced a great range of of commercial grade microwaves from Australia's leading microwave brands.

We are proud to stock the Bonn range of commrecial microwaves which is undoubtedly one of Australia's most sought after names in commercial microwave ovens. Used by more than 20,000 food outlets in Australia, they are a favourite for restaurants, coffee shops, takeaways, hotels, schools, laboratories and fast food outlets. Bonn Microwaves feature stainless steel construction, a programmeable touchpad, an advanced non-rotating ceramic base, and overall reliability featuring heavy duty hinges, door catches and commponents. Bonn Microwaves are designed for endurance and their manufacturing process is impressive combining door opening and closing endurance tests; control panel endurance tests and intermittent operation tests. These features will keep your kitchen running smoothly during even the busiest of serving periods and you can be worry free knowing that your microwave won't let you down.

For the full range of Bonn microwaves and expert advice on the best model to suit your needs, contact One Stop Wholesaler today on 1300 131 700.